In Memoriam: Hip Hop Icon Biz

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Biz Markie, better known to the world as Big Daddy Kane, rapper and performer is dead. He was found dead in his bedroom, alone with a self-inflicted shotgun wound to his head. Neighbors heard the shots fired shortly after the unfortunate incident. Biz Markie was married three times and had two children. His wife Trina was determined to have nothing to do with the singer’s death. This leaves Biz as a figurehead for many who appreciate hip hop.

Born insburgh, Biz’ mother was a drug addict. She spent time in both the women’s prison and juvenile detention centers. Biz’ grandparents were also incarcerated. Biz’ grandmother was set free after serving a brief sentence but was murdered by an unidentified assailant. Shortly after this killing, Biz’ Uncle Eddie was killed in prison.

Biz’ brother DJ introduced him to DJ Khaled when he was just eight years old. At the age of twelve, Biz metabolism, the name DJ coined for himself, after spending a few months with the rap group, Fruition. Biz was then signed to an exclusive record deal run by DJ Khaled.

After a couple of years with Fruition, Biz left the group and decided to pursue music full-time. He released a couple of mixtapes under the name Styles. He was soon signed to Cash Money Records where he released “Xxplosive” on the same label. It was one of the few rap songs ever to top the pop charts.

Biz worked with several other notable artists including Big Daddy Kane, Eminem and Reebok. Biz’ final album, Millionaire Baby, was issued byitol Records. An edited version of the album was issued as a double album called All Time: The Biz Markie Story. A movie was also released about the life of Biz Markie, which was highly successful and directed by Reese Witherspoon.

Now that Biz is dead, many people wonder what his legacy is. Will his musical influences live on? Will a museum be built to honor his memory? Or will his ghost still roam the world? Only time will tell.

Biz’ death was not a sudden break with no warning. His life was a long journey, and his passing was just the final chapter. His influence will live on through his lyrics and videos, which have been shown around the world. In fact, many artists who have yet to make their careers pay tribute to Biz. They are paying homage because they know his influence will live on.

You could spend millions to research Biz’ life and influence, but what you really want is a Biz Gif from the perspective of an artist who deeply admired him. Just hours before his untimely death, Biz posted on his MySpace page, “This is not the end. Stay tuned.”

Will his words live on? Only time will tell. Will his music be classified as rap music or hip-hop music? Only time will tell. But will you ever be able to experience the impact of Biz’ spirit?

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